Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hey all you Book Lovers!

This is my first post on this new blog. I have a livejournal account, but I also have another blog using, so I thought I would just continue my blog on here and drop the livejournal.

So, I know what you are thinking...who am I and what is this blog about?

Well, I am a student at Sam Houston State University going after my Masters in Library Science.

My mom was not surprised when I told her I was going to pursue my Masters in Library Science. She told me a story of when I was little and I would have my brother and sister check books out from me and how I would draw barcodes on all of my books and even make the beeping sound when they checked them out. I would spend hours in the local library looking at each book before making my selection. My mother told me that I would have them read before we even got home.

My mom would have to ground me to the living room when I was in trouble because sending me to my room was no big deal because then I could sit on my bed and read my books!

I am also a teacher of English as a Second Language Learners, a mother of two wonderful boys (10 months and 4 years), and a wife to my awesome husband of five years. The best thing about my family is that they are so supportive of me going back to school. It is hard sometimes to ahve to make dinner, change diapers, and go to work, but somehow we have survived a whole semester of school work.

So...what is this blog about?

BOOKS!! Duh!!

I will be discussing books that I am reading. They will mostly be Young Adult and a few children's books. I will give you a review and hopefully you will think it's interesting and go check it out! I will also have from time to time author friends of mine answer some questions too.

I hope you enjoy this blog and become a follower. Leave me a comment if you have read the book or if you want to share what you are reading!

I love books and my goal of becoming a school Librarian is to get kids who usually wouldn't pick up a book, eventually becoming lifelong lovers of books.

Currently Reading: Bones of Faerie by: Janni Lee Simner

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  1. Welcome! I hope that you enjoy the book blogging community! Thank you for following my blog, can't wait for your first review!


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